Video: Teleman post ’23 Floors Up’

Teleman have posted the video for their new single ‘23 Floors Up‘ as their debut album ‘Breakfast‘ gears up for release on June 2nd. Have a watch through the snapshot below.

‘Breakfast’ has been produced by Bernard Butler and is to be supported with various headline and festival dates beginning on May 3rd at Live At Leeds.

“It’s like visions from a dream in places,” singer Thomas Sanders says of the LP. “I love really strong images. You hear a lyric and as soon as the lyric is said you see it in front of you. A lot of the lyrics are based on personal experience, but a lot of it, is story-telling and a lot of it is fiction.”

“I’m purposefully ambiguous. I love listening to other people’s interpretations’. If that’s what they’ve understood then that is a meaning in itself. In the same way as if you look at a painting and you see something, you’ve definitely seen it, it’s definitely real for you.”


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