Jimi Goodwin discusses second solo album plans


Jimi Goodwin‘s thoughts are turning towards a second solo album after the release of his ‘Odludek‘ debut last week.

“I wrote some stuff in Sweden with the guys from Dungen,” Goodwin has told NME. “I got together with their guitarist Reine Fiske, who’s just mad, and their former drummer Fred Bjorling, who’s a friend. Dungen are a fucking special band. We did a song called ‘Nails’ in a vintage studio with wall-to-wall valves. I hope to go back with them when I’ve finished touring this summer. The music was feeling pretty different.”

‘Odludek’ has troubled the official UK Top 40, and also scored a high new entry on the Record Store Chart yesterday (March 30th). “So as Doves‘ long hiatus continues, Jimi Goodwin has been tinkering away like Dr. Frankenstein to create something frenzied, eclectic and odd; but the fruits of his labour are far from monstrous,” our review begins.

“The title ‘Odludek’ is Polish for ‘loner’ – a not-so-subtle indicator of Goodwin’s intentions to separate himself from Doves’ more conventional indie-rock sound on this, his first solo record.”

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