Foster The People add one-off Manchester show to live plans


Foster The People will be in Manchester this June for a one-off show soon after the release of their ‘Supermodel‘ album.

The band already have concerts due at the London Troxy on March 24th – the day of their LP’s release – and at Paris’ Gaité Lyrique on March 28th, and will now also play the Manchester Ritz on June 26th.

‘Supermodel’ is about to offer a shift in direction for Foster The People when compared to their debut ‘Torches‘ – a move which frontman Mark Foster admitted could alienate some sections of their newly forged fanbase.

“Once I write something, I never try to write that same style again, because I get very schizophrenic musically,” he told Rolling Stone. “This record, I went into it wanting to do something more organic and human, because the first record was so electronic and synthetic – in a cool way, I’m not putting it down, that’s just what it was. So this record, I wanted to make something more human and let the songs breathe and grow and turn and take left turns and not come back if they want to.”

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