Peace to release footage of new album recording sessions


Peace are going to let fans in on the recording of their follow-up to last year’s debut ‘In Love‘ LP.

Although no time-frame has yet been given, by signing up at users will be given access to recording session footage which is to, apparently, ‘self-destruct in 48 hours’. “We’re making a new record,” they say on the website. “Everything is OK.”

‘In Love’ was named as one of Live4ever’s essential albums of last year after our review concluded: “Like many debuts, ‘In Love’ is as much an amalgamation of Peace’s record collection as it is an original, forward-thinking statement, and in less assured hands it could well have been a disaster. But it’s not. Why? Quite simply, because pound for pound these are ten of the best songs you will hear this year, baggy or otherwise.”

“If you’ve already dismissed Peace as just another ‘hype’ band, think again – this is an album you’ll play again and again.”

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