Lykke Li unveils new album ‘I Never Learn’

lykkeliwideSwedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li is to have a new album out in a couple of months.

I Never Learn‘ has been boxed-up to succeed the atmospheric 2011 album ‘Wounded Rhymes‘ on May 5th, and has a little trailer video which can be watched below.

It has been put to NME that the LP will look at ‘the guilt and the shame and the hurt and the pride and the confusion of being a woman‘.

Live4ever named ‘Wounded Rhymes”s brilliant single ‘Sadness Is a Blessing‘ as one of our essential tracks of 2011 following a review which read:

“It was about time ‘Sadness Is a Blessing‘ came along; it strikes the listener with that disarming quality of a long-forgotten feeling, somehow twice as powerful for having come to life again when you least expected it. ‘Wounded Rhymes’ is as apt a phrase as you’re ever going to find for this music, which is as just as well, since ‘Sadness Is a Blessing’ comes from that same album. Coincidence? Pshaw. No such thing.”

Check it out in full at this link.

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