The Men will have new album ‘Tomorrow’s Hits’ out next spring


We’ve already had a sublime full length and acoustic EP from the band this year, and now a prompt return for The Men has been revealed for next spring.

The album ‘Tomorrow’s Hits‘ is pencilled in for release on March 3rd 2014 via Sacred Bones, comprising eight tracks which were laid down during the sessions which created this year’s ‘New Moon‘ LP.

“Genre is a term that doesn’t hold much meaning for a band like The Men,” Live4ever’s review of that record begins. “After weaving subtle psychedelic nuance through thick layers of lo-fi thrash and brute-force sludge on 2010’s ‘Immaculada‘ and 2011’s ‘Leave Home‘, these unassuming New York lifers pushed their experimental post-hardcore template past the concept of classification with last year’s critically-acclaimed breakthrough ‘Open Your Heart‘.”

“Their third record in as many years was a lesson in genre-defying ambition, as it somehow managed to synthesize the last four decades of guitar music into one solid statement.  Shoegaze, punk, garage, alternative, indie, and straight-up classic rock all shared the spotlight, while still leaving room for a few brushes with barroom country honk.”

‘Tomorrow’s Hits’ tracklist:

‘Dark Waltz’
‘Get What You Give’
‘Another Night’
‘Different Days’
‘Pearly Gates’
‘Settle Me Down’
‘Going Down’

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