Spotify users have ‘listened to more than a million years worth of music’

spotifywideSpotify users have listened to over a million years worth of music since the service launched in October 2008, according to the Swedish company.

The online streaming platform has released a number of fresh statistics to mark the fifth anniversary of its official launch, and claims that over one billion playlists have been created – with one particularly enthusiastic user building over 90,000 alone – while 20% of the tracks available have never been listened to.

As of October 2013, six million of its 24 million users are now premium subscribers, with Coldplay the most popular band on Spotify and David Guetta and Rihanna the favourite male and female artists respectively.

As the industry leader, Spotify has been at the heart of a passionate debate surrounding the pros and cons of major label supported online music streaming, with former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne recently backing up Thom Yorke‘s stance that the financial deals ultimately harm new, upcoming bands.

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