Band Of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell announces solo tour, single


Ben Bridwell onstage with Band Of Horses (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Band Of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell embarks on a solo career soon, when he hopes to ‘be coming to a Deep Southern town near you this fall’.

“While living in Minneapolis in 2008, I covered the George Harrison song, ‘Your Love Is Forever’ with some buddies of mine,” Bridwell explains in a statement which outlines the solo plans.

“The track ended up being released on a Starbucks compilation. A few years later, I enlisted those same musicians to record some songs of mine that had been sitting around for far too long, some of which could be said to be uncomfortably silly and devoid of all reasonable taste. I wasn’t exactly in a rush to get them out to the discerning earholes of the public.”

“Regardless, this project was pure enjoyment for me and it was nice to not give a damn about anything, but having fun recording these songs. I’ve now decided to take this approach on the road on the Birdsmell tour, which will be coming to a Deep Southern town near you this fall.”

Under the moniker Birdsmell, Bridwell will begin his tour on November 2nd in North Carolina. Look out for a ‘tour only’ 7″ single which features ‘Why Were You Born‘ and ‘Tulsa‘.

Tour dates:

Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle (2)
Charlotte, NC – Evening Muse (4)
Asheville, NC – The LAB (6)
Knoxville, TN – The Bowery (8)
Chattanooga, TN – Rhythm & Brews (9)
Birmingham, AL – Bottle Tree (11)
Atlanta, GA – The Earl (13)
Athens, GA – 40 Watt (15)

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