The Sunshine Underground to release new album through PledgeMusic


The Sunshine Underground will become the latest band to release an album through the PledgeMusic campaign when their third studio effort is out early next year.

The Ross Orton-produced record is set to be made available in a range of special editions and exclusive formats, and will be previewed to those who support its release via Pledge with an exclusive mini-album version this Christmas.

“It’s an interesting time for music, the industry has changed a lot since we first started out and there are now some really forward thinking alternatives to releasing music these days,” the band have said.

“Ways that mean we can have the creative freedom of making an album exactly how we want to and don’t have to reply on a record label to do it and instead share the whole process with the people who care the most about it.”

The excellent single ‘It’s Only You‘ was premiered earlier this summer, while a headline UK tour is booked for November. In addition, the group have been announced as the main support when the Happy Mondays embark on their own UK trip this winter in celebration of the 25th anniversary of ‘Bummed‘.

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