Video: Villagers premiere latest single ‘Earthly Pleasure’

Villagers have premiered the video for ‘Earthly Pleasure‘, the latest single to be taken from their 2013 album ‘{Awayland}’. Have a watch below.

The single is available digitally on August 26th, and comes complete with what is described as ‘a very literal adaptation featuring someone on a toilet brushing their teeth, and a battle set in 1822’.

‘{Awayland}’ has proved to be one of Live4ever’s essential albums of the year so far following its release in January. “Villagers’ triumph remains in their construction of (often) uplifting facades to bleak underlying texts, but that’s not to say ‘{Awayland}’ is a disheartening album,” our review reads.

“There are hints, such as in ‘Rhythm Composer’, of salvation. But even this song is a double-edged sword as we learn, ‘In actuality, only the rhythm composes you’. One can only admire O’Brien’s musical and lyrical dexterity – there are more twists and turns than a corkscrew and ‘{Awayland}’ feels like a band that has finally found its feet.”

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