Paul McCartney streams new track ‘New’ from new album ‘New’


Sir Paul McCartney (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Paul McCartney is releasing an album comprised entirely of brand new material for the first time in six years, and just in case anyone is still unsure of that fact, he has now posted a new song entitled ‘New‘ which is taken from his new album ‘New‘.

Just to be clear, this is a new album.

The track is streaming now via YouTube, have a listen below.

McCartney will release the latest studio effort of his long career on October 14th after a recording process which at one stage included a studio hook-up with producer Ethan Johns, who recently described his time with Macca as ‘revelatory’.

“It was revelatory for me, recording Paul in that space having listened to the sound of those Beatles records,” Johns told Rolling Stone. “He plugged in his bass, I put a microphone in front of it, walked upstairs into the control room, pushed the fader up, and that sound came out of the speakers immediately. I didn’t have to do anything!”

“It was a pretty major light bulb for me. People get so fixated on the equipment and the gear, and those things are important – but ultimately, the bass sound on Revolver is Paul. Paul could be playing anything and he will get that sound.”

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