Nine Inch Nails to release two versions of ‘Hesitation Marks’


Nine Inch Nails fans are being given the opportunity to sample the band’s comeback album ‘Hesitation Marks‘ in two different forms as the release date of September 3rd approaches.

Along side the conventional mix which will be available via all the traditional outlets, an alternate ‘audiophile’ version that is described as favouring those with ‘high-end equipment’ is also being offered when ‘Hesitation Marks’ is purchased direct from Nine Inch Nails’ official website.

“For the majority of people, the standard version will be preferable and differences will be difficult to detect,” the band have explained on their Tumblr page. “Audiophiles with high-end equipment and an understanding of the mastering process might prefer the alternate version.”

“The biggest issue in mastering these days tends to be how loud can you make your record,” Alan Moulder, who both mastered and mixed, elaborated. “It is a fact that when listening back-to-back, loud records will come across more impressively, although in the long run what you sacrifice for that level can be quality and fidelity.”

“So after much discussion we decided to go with two versions. The Audiophile Mastered Version is more true to how the mixes sounded to us in the studio when we were working on the songs. Have a listen, turn up the volume and enjoy the experience!”

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