Mike Love blames end of Beach Boys reunion on ‘outsiders’


When Brian Wilson – along with Al Jardine and David Marks – abruptly departed the Beach Boys as their 50th anniversary celebrations due to a close late last year, he spoke of his ‘disappointment’ at having evidently been sacked by Mike Love, adding to CNN that he ‘can’t understand why Mike doesn’t want to tour with Al, David and me’.

However, despite the blame being laid firmly at the door of Mike Love, the singer has now told CNN that Wilson’s leaving was not at his behest, and was instead the result of unspecified ‘outsiders’ associated with the reunion, which included the release of a brand new studio album entitled ‘That’s Why God Made The Radio‘ in 2012.

“The way it was run and the people who were running it I have serious issues with,” Love has told Billboard. “I have no problem with my cousin Brian and I in a room with a piano, but it’s not that uncomplicated.”

“We were supposed to be allowed to get together to write songs from scratch like we did in the 60s and he was excited about doing it, but it never came to fruition at all,” he ended. “It was given another direction – not by me and not by Brian but by others.”

Instead, Wilson, Jardine and Marks are set to tour North America from the end of next month with guitar legend Jeff Beck.

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