Alan McGee enjoying return to music scene


Alan McGee has spoken of his ‘shock’ at how much he is enjoying being back in the music scene after a long break was brought to an end with the launch of his new 359 Music label earlier this year.

“I never thought I would come back,” he said during an interview with NME. “I’m not coming back because I need the money. I never needed to think about music ever again. I just started enjoying music again and I’m shocked I’m enjoying running a label again.”

Independent outfit Cherry Red Records are working in conjunction with McGee, affording the former Creation boss free reign to concentrate on discovering and recruiting new bands.

“The great thing about technology is that you can literally live in the middle of nowhere like I do – I live in South Wales, 40 minutes from Hereford station – and people send you YouTube clips,” he continued. “It’s a phenomenal way to run things.”

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