Pete Waterman: The Rolling Stones ‘ain’t rock n roll anymore’

petewatermansqPete Waterman, the man who deemed it necessary to inflict Jason Donovan, Steps, 2 Unlimited and lord knows who else on the music buying public, has said The Rolling Stones should pack in their 50th anniversary tour as they are too old and ‘ain’t rock ’n’ roll anymore’.

“I’m 66 and I wouldn’t go and play,” Waterman mercifully told The Sun newspaper. “They’re 76. Them at Glastonbury – not for me. I think there’s a point when you’ve got to say, ‘Enough’s enough’.”

The Rolling Stones have resumed their 50 And Counting celebratory tour in the US after a short run last year which took in gigs in London, New York and New Jersey. They have been booked for a first appearance at Worthy Farm on Saturday, June 29th.

“I just think they’re old, they’re old farts. I just think they ain’t rock ’n’ roll anymore,” Waterman’s drone continues. “You wouldn’t see Andy Williams at Glastonbury, would ya?”

No Pete, we probably won’t see Andy Williams at Glastonbury. Can’t think why.

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