John Fogerty unveils Dave Grohl’s ‘Fortunate Son’ cover


Dave Grohl performs with the Foo Fighters (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Creedence Clearwater Revival legend John Fogerty has unveiled the first track from his imminent new album ‘Wrote a Song For Everyone‘.

The album features re-recorded versions of various CCR and solo tracks, and is packed with many special guests such as My Morning Jacket, Kid Rock and Bob Seger.

And first up ahead of the official release on May 28th is a new version of ‘Fortunate Son‘ recorded with Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl, with whom Fogerty has also recently worked with as part of the Sound City Players.

“I am a rock & roll kid, I grew up on mainstream AM rock and roll as rock and roll was being born,” Fogerty has said of the track in a press statement issued earlier this year.

“I heard some Sun, some Chess from Chicago, and suddenly there was Elvis was on Ed Sullivan and everyone knew what rock was. When you walk in the room and the Foo Fighters are blasting away, and you’re standing next to Dave Grohl and singing “Fortunate Son” you feel you’re at the center of everything. It feels like you’re exactly where the flag of rock & roll should be planted.”

“I’ve gotten to know Dave a little bit, and we even sat down one day and wrote some, and I’m here to say that he and his band really are carrying the flag of rock and roll today. There are no bones about it – and I’m glad he’s the one doing it.  Dave has hit the rock and roll bulls-eye.”

The track can be heard via Rolling Stone at this link.

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