George Harrison memorial garden opened to the public


A memorial garden dedicated to the late Beatle George Harrison has been opened to the public at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Estate near Watford.

“I am grateful to the devotees for honouring George in the form of a garden. A manifestation in the material world of which he would be very proud.” George’s widow Olivia has said.

The garden has been curated on the site formerly known as Piggots Manor, which was donated to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness by Harrison in 1973.

“I am delighted and honoured to open the garden commemorating George Harrison at Bhaktivedanta Manor and that the public will be able to share George’s great love of gardening and deep spirituality,” gardener Monty Don remarks, while Temple leader Gauri Das added:

“There is a deep spirituality in the lyrics of George Harrison, some through metaphor and others more direct. The garden reflects his spiritual journey, it is a mystical one and it correlates with some of the oldest sacred texts known to man. For us it is a tremendous honour that garden is opened on the 40th anniversary of Bhaktivedanta Manor, one of Britain’s most prominent temples and donated by George.”

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