Alan McGee officially unveils new record label 359 Music


Alan McGee is aiming to provide a new platform for upcoming bands after officially unveiling his brand new record label 359 Music.

“My vision for 359 Music is a launch pad for new talent and some ignored older talent,” McGee has said in a press release. “We intend to release on average a dozen new bands per year every year – maybe more if I find a lot of new talent I like. Hopefully some of the artists will stick around and make numerous albums with 359 but some will go on to other things and that is just nature of the musical beast.”

The former Creation Records boss has said the primary focus of his new venture is not necessarily to recreate the commercial success of his past label, which elevated the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream and The Jesus & Mary Chain to prominence, but to bring exciting new music to the attention of people who he ‘respects’ and who ‘love music’.

“If you are an artist and want to be considered for 359 Music send an mp3 to and I will personally listen,” McGee continues.

“There is no agenda of ‘let’s be the biggest like Creation Records’ – if in 5 years’ time people who I respect and who love music can turn round to me and say 359 Music has put out some great music then that to me will be success.”

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