Glasvegas unveil new single ‘I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)’


Glasvegas have unveiled the details of their new single, which carries the typically chirpy title ‘I’d Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)‘, and is the first to preview the Scottish band’s forthcoming album ‘Later…When The TV Turns To Static‘.

The track will be made available through Glasvegas’ own Gow Wow Records on March 25th, and has been trailed with a YouTube video in which frontman James Allan declares:

“Everybody’s departing from something. Going from A to B. Taking something with them, leaving something behind. A journey somewhere. Moving towards something. Moving away from something. Everybody’s carrying something with them. Sometimes it’s good just to let it go.”

Glasvegas’ third studio album is pencilled in for release later this year, and follows the 2011 effort ‘Euphoric Heartbreak‘, whose poor commercial performance resulted in Columbia dropping the group.

“It’s hard for any artist to really understand why someone would have a connection to their passion,” Allan told NME last year of that album. “There are records I didn’t like at first but grew to love over time – ‘Euphoric…’ may be one of those for other people. They’ve just got to get to know it better.”

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