Russell Brand: ‘Liam Gallagher is a very sexy rock star’


Liam Gallagher addresses the New York crowd during Oasis' final US tour, 2008 (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Liam Gallagher might think he’s a ‘dick’, but comedian and actor Russell Brand has reserved some kinder words for the former Oasis and current Beady Eye frontman.

Brand is quoted in today’s Daily Star tabloid as branding Liam as a ‘brilliant rock star’, while also describing his estranged brother Noel as a ‘serious good mate’.

“Liam’s music has given me pleasure, but it turns out he thinks I am a dick,” Brand is quoted as saying. “That is the price I have paid. I am very good friends with his brother and they have a notorious spat.”

“Noel is a proper serious good mate. But I like Liam. If you see him on the stage he is very sexy and a brilliant rock star.”

Russell Brand is due to resume his radio partnership with Noel Gallagher next month for a series of shows on XFM which are being planned to coincide with the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts.

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