The Courteeners are ‘the best band on the planet’


The Courteeners frontman Liam Fray has claimed his band is ‘the best on the planet right now’ and that they experience a level of support from their fans which only the likes of The Smiths and The Libertines have enjoyed in the past.

In a bold interview with NME following their recent MEN Arena gig, Fray remarks: “We’re the best band on the planet right now. I don’t need anybody to tell us that I’m doing a good job, because the fans are. We’re not here to make up the numbers. We know how important we are to them.”

“They’ll get maybe one, two or three gigs to choose from,” he continued of his fans. “They chose us back in August. There’s nobody else who gets that. The Libertines got it, The Smiths got it and The Courteeners get it.”

We’ll all be able to judge for ourselves when The Courteeners release their third album ‘Anna‘ on February 11th next year.

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