James’ Tim Booth brands Simon Cowell ‘some kind of Antichrist’


James frontman Tim Booth has branded Simon Cowell as ‘some kind of Antichrist’ due to his belief that the pop mogul has significantly lowered the expectations of the public.

“I do see Simon Cowell as some kind of Antichrist, in that way,” Booth has told Digital Spy.

“In the kind of Bill Hicks. You’ve been sent to the planet to lower the standards, so that people will forget that they are actually angels and divine beings. They kind of lose themselves in this shit. So, yes, I can rant like that now and again!”

“I would never say that he should be shot. I would just say that he’s probably the Antichrist in my world. To me it’s like what Rupert Murdoch did to this country and what Dennis Potter spoke out about. It’s about dumbing down and lowering the standards.”

As previously reported on Live4ever, James will take their career-spanning boxset ‘The Gathering Sound‘ out on a tour of the UK in April next year, with Echo & The Bunnymen in support.

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