Dexters to support Happy Mondays in London

Dexters perform at This Feeling's 6th birthday party, London (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever Media)

Dexters (Photo: Andy Crossland for Live4ever Media)

Dexters will support the Happy Mondays at the reformed Manchester group’s London dates later this month.

The upcoming band are set to be in London with Shaun Ryder and co. for the two gigs at the Roundhouse venue on December 19th and 20th following their own recent show at the city’s Queen Of Hoxton venue.

In addition, Dexter have announced their debut single ‘Recover‘ will receive an official release on 7″ and iTunes download following its issue as a free download last month. It will be backed with the new b-side ‘Conscience Calls‘.

“The British music landscape has changed considerably in recent years,” Live4ever’s review of the track begins.

“In the not-too-distant past there seemed to be some kind of mythical conveyor belt churning out an endless array of brash and anthemic guitar bands into the upper echelons of the top 40 and into the forefront of public consciousness.”

“Bands were just as likely to hit the front covers of the red tops as they were the music press and, in effect, it was Britpop Part II. But since then, things have quietened down and become a little more introspective. A bit of folkiness here, a smidgen of experimental electronica over there, and a lot of navel-gazing all round. Indie label autonomy and a return to Postcard or C86-era values are the order of the day, albeit modernised for the digital age.”

“So coming up now to give the country a collective slap in the face and the scene the proverbial kick up the arse is East London five-piece Dexters.”

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