Bernard Sumner discusses New Order album plans


New Order frontman Bernard Sumner has revealed more on the reunited band’s plans to record a new album, saying he has a ‘creative itch’ that he ‘needs to scratch’.

New Order reformed last year in the absence of their original bass player Peter Hook, initially for a handful of benefit gigs which have since evolved into world-wide tour dates and several festival appearances.

And Sumner has now gone into more detail during an interview with Billboard on his hopes of adding a brand new album to the comeback trail.

“I’d just like to make another album,” he explained. “I’m getting a creative itch that I need to scratch. Playing live is great, but it’s not a creative thing, really. It’s a reproductive thing. I’d quite like to make an electronic record, because we’ve not made one for quite a while really.”

Meanwhile, Sumner has claimed Peter Hook, himself out on the road touring Joy Division and New Order albums with his group The Light, is doing so merely ‘for the money’.

“He seems to be doing it for the money,” he continued. “To me, Joy Division and New Order were never about that. I thought it was disrespectful to the rest of us. But I must admit that once he started doing it, we did think, ‘What are we doing holding back with New Order?’ So, in a way – if you’ll excuse the pun – he showed us the light.”

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