The Vaccines: ‘Good rock n roll is primitive, primal and reckless’


The Vaccines backstage in New York (Photo: Live4ever Media)

In the face of some criticism that his lyrics might not be exploring the deepest depths of human emotion, The Vaccines frontman Justin Young has been defending his writing, saying lyrics shouldn’t get too intricate as good rock is ‘primitive, primal and reckless’.

“I’m aware that people have picked up on ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ as a song with quite clunky lyrics but they’re internationally and knowingly dumb,” Young has told NME. “People shouldn’t try to be too clever with their lyrics – good rock ‘n’ roll is primitive and primal and reckless.”

And with The Vaccines about to release a second studio album just over a year after their debut arrived, Young has also outlined the band’s intention to carry on recording new LPs as quickly as possible.

“Not lazy, but I don’t understand what people are doing with their time,” he remarked when asked about other groups’ long gap between album releases. “It’s not long since I was working as a removals man and craving any second I could get with my guitar.”

“Now I wake up in a hotel at midday, my guitar is sat next to my bed and all I have to do before going onstage at 10 o’clock at night is play it. Why the fuck wouldn’t I?”

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