The Rolling Stones, David Bowie ‘turned down London Olympics closing ceremony invite’


David Bowie and The Rolling Stones were just two of several big-name British acts to turn down the chance to perform at last weekend’s London Olympics closing ceremony, according the Guardian.

Being successful in tempting what are now very rare live appearances out of Bowie and the Stones would have proved to be a significant coup for the ceremony’s producer Kim Gavin, but the invitations were apparently rebuffed, while a negative response from the Sex Pistols and Kate Bush was also reportedly received.

It is also being suggested The Who had rejected two previous offers to play live before eventually being persuaded to close the event, while reports last month claimed Noel Gallagher decided against an appearance, paving the way for his younger brother Liam and Beady Eye to instead offer up a performance of Oasis‘ 1995 single ‘Wonderwall‘.

In addition, when writing on Twitter last Sunday (August 12th) The LibertinesCarl Barat revealed they had also declined to attend the closing ceremony, which has been described by some critics as an underwhelming end to what was otherwise a hugely successful Games for London.

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