Rolo Tomassi confirm new album details


Rolo Tomassi will release their third album later this year, the Sheffield band have confirmed.

Astraea‘ is due for release on November 5th and is Rolo Tomassi’s first with new members Chris Cayford and Nathan Fairweather who joined in the wake of the departures of Joseph Thorpe and Joe Nicholson earlier this year.

“I’ve never felt this focused and involved with my input into a release as I have with this one,” singer Eva Spence has said of the record. “I’ve had more direct and certain ideas with the way that the vocals fit in each song and the melodies I’ve worked with, and the lyrics are more centered around one theme.”

“A lot has changed for me in this time, I felt like I’d made a big transition. In this time there had been a lot of ups and downs and big changes in all aspects of my life. I finished writing the lyrics to this album in the most positive state of mind I’ve ever been in. The themes I’ve written about are centered around light, positivity and growth through situations which seem far from hopeful.”

‘Astraea’ tracklist:

‘Ex Luna Scientia’
‘The Scales of Balance’
‘Prelude II (Echolalia)’

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