Video: Jack White unveils ‘Freedom At 21’ promo

Jack White has unveiled the full video for ‘Freedom At 21‘, the latest track to be taken from his trans-Atlantic number one debut solo album ‘Blunderbuss‘.

The promo has been directed by well-respected hip hop video maker Hype Williams, and features White being arrested and later playing a bit of guitar while locked up in the cells.

‘Blunderbuss’ featured in Live4ever’s recent Essential Albums Of 2012…So Far rundown after being described in our review as relying on “…White’s sheer magnetism and his unwavering belief in himself. While the back half of the record often fails to catch up to the sprinting head start of the opening numbers, it is this belief that herds all the different directions together, making them more cohesive with each additional listen.”

“If anything, White has already secured his spot in rock history by allowing his raw eccentricity to speak for itself, and this outing just confirms that even on its own, that eccentricity still has plenty left to say.”

The review can be read in full here.

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