Twin Atlantic have ’10 or 12′ demos recorded for new album


Twin Atlantic (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Twin Atlantic have ’10 or 12′ demos recorded for a new album, the band’s frontman Sam McTrusty has told Live4ever in an exclusive interview.

Despite undertaking a hectic touring schedule following the well-received release of their second studio album ‘Free‘ last year, McTrusty has revealed to Live4ever the Scottish group have still found time in tour buses, apartments and, more unexpectedly, LA studios to lay down new material.

“We’ve started writing, not separately ‘cos that sounds like the band’s over, but more like that I’ve been writing a lot on the road because when we’re on a bus it’s a lot easier,” McTrusty tells us.

“But then, bizarrely, the majority of the (new) record we’ve written so far has been written partly in the back of our bus, partly in venues, partly in my old apartment in Glasgow, but then when we got together we ended up writing in a studio in LA for a week. So we’ve got about 10 or 12 finished demos and we’ve got another batch of maybe just under 10.”

Stay tuned for the full interview with Twin Atlantic, recorded while the band stopped off in New York as part of the 2012 Warped Tour, coming soon on the Live4ever Ezine.

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