Live4ever’s New Tunes Guide feat. The White Album, The New Caldera and Steel Trees

Looking for some free new music to tide you over this weekend? Well you’re in the right place with the Live4ever Ezine‘s New Tunes guide. We’ve sorted through our packed inbox over the last seven days to offer up the best in mp3s, Soundcloud links and YouTube videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. Check out previous editions of the New Tunes Guide here.


The British IBM released a brand new single and video this week to celebrate the founding of Intel, (18th July 1968)… Formed by retro enthusiast and singer-songwriter Adrian Killens, The British IBM combine nerdy delights – indie rock and vintage computing. Even though some songs are loosely based on “retro computing” themes, these aren’t the comedy or chip tune type band with in your face songs about micro chips and commodore 64s etc.. The songs are more about the human story of what goes on behind the screens.”

The Babies formed in Brooklyn in 2009 and feature Kevin Morby, Cassie Ramone, Justin Sullivan and Brian Schleyer. Originally conceived as a side-project outlet for Kevin and Cassie to trade song ideas and play house parties, the band has slowly grown into a full time affair, having done several stateside and European tours. After releasing a slew of singles, their s/t debut on Shrimper in 2011 and a 12″ collection of demos and rarities on New Images, the band is readying their follow-up album to be released on Woodsist in the Fall of 2012 with extensive touring to follow.”

THE BABIES – “Moonlight Mile” by WOODSIST

Steel Trees rising live reputation has already led to the 3-piece pounding the road in support of Dinosaur Jr, Turbowolf, Dinosaur Pile Up and Qemists over the last year. Meanwhile, they have been putting the final touches to their debut album, 13 tracks of raging tunes entitled ‘Attack Of The Zombie Killer Kids’. ‘Deathbed Headsmash is available as a free download from Steel Trees full length album ‘Attack Of The Stoner Zombie Killer Kids’ is released this September.”

Deathbed HeadSmash by Steel Trees

“Denmark’s The White Album will release their mini-album ‘Conquistador’ on September 24th through Popular Recordings. Recorded in the bands’ own forest cabin, it features six neo indie-folk tracks, rich in depth, heart and musicality. Opening track ‘Counting Treasures’ is a heart-wrenching sonnet that builds to a military march, with a rousing brass section and introduces listeners to the bands’ trademark three-part harmonies. These are perfectly showcased in the acapella track ‘Trenches’ before blending into the absorbing ‘Seasons End’, which recalls the restrained beauty of José Gonzalez and Kings of Convenience.”

“For many, 2012 is proving to be an incredibly busy year. From the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics to more and more festivals appearing the calendar, free time is scarce. So if you weren’t able to immerse yourself in the chaos and witness the triumphant performance by Gaggle earlier this month at London’s Village Underground, then you can see the whole event unravel in the short space of just 2 minutes in the video below. Filmed by Nekane Ozamiz and Simon Baines on July 4th, this video follows Gaggle through the day from rehearsing and preparing costumes to performing in front of a captivated audience at their sold out show celebrating the release of their debut album ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’ all in the space of 2 minutes.”

The Smiles formerly known as 4 Smart as top of the range blokes hail from Middlesbrough. We are currently in the process of penning some Magic via the gift of having the gift and putting in alot of studio time.”

The Smiles Sail On by TheSmilesOfficial

“Less of a band and more of a musical collective brewed in the back-street watering holes of Anfield, Liverpool (UK). Three lads with a shared love of the blends and tastes of melodies, rhythms, riffs, grooves and beats. Serving you their own unique cocktail of Scouse flavoured timeless Rock & Roll/Rhythm & Blues (and a whole lot of other musical ingredients). Raise your glasses to the new gang – The New Caldera… we’ll certainly drink to that!”

When You See Yourself by theNewCaldera

“Formed in 2010, Exalt is made up of Tyler Brand (Vocals), Ben Waugh (Guitar/Vocals),Tim Waugh (Drums), Nick Denomme (Bass) and John-Paul Denomme (Guitar). Since releasing a split EP in 2010 with Hamilton, ON’s COUNTERPARTS, EXALT has creatively re-invented the rigid form of traditional hardcore music, bringing forth fury and explosive rage mixed with mid-tempo melodies and uplifting lyrics, to create a unique sound that is all their own.”

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