Keith Richards confirms Rolling Stones rehearsals


Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards has confirmed the band have ‘had a couple of rehearsals’, raising the possibility of a live return in the near future to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Speaking to the BBC, Richards revealed the rehearsals have gone well, and also reflected on the Stones’ long career which began back in 1962.

“There’s things in the works – I think it’s definitely happening,” he said. “But when? I can’t say yet. We’re playing around with the idea and had a couple of rehearsals – we’ve got together and it feels so good.”

“Never, back then groups used to last about two or three years,” he continued when asked whether he ever thought the band would last so long. “You hoped to have a good time and that was that.”

“It’s a generation thing, that post-war thing, also technology, when we started we were making 45s and then when you could make albums, that gave us the chance to do more. I never expected to get here, so it’s all gravy.”

A clutch of special events have already been announced to celebrate the Rolling Stones’ 50th year, while plenty of other rumours – including a 2013 headline appearance at Glastonbury and a new album being recorded with Jack White – continue to linger.

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