Suede ditch new material, begin work with producer Ed Buller


Suede have scrapped a large portion of new songs they aired during their 2011 comeback shows, and have instead begun work on a fresh batch of material with their former producer Ed Buller, according to the band’s frontman Brett Anderson.

Writing on the band’s Facebook page, singer Anderson explained:

“The proto-proto-proto type version that we were fumbling around with towards the end of last year is very dead so apart from ‘Sabotage’, don’t get attached to any of those songs from Russia cos it’s very unlikely anyone will ever hear them again.”

Anderson added that the band are now “…merrily chipping away at the huge block of raw stone that is, whisper it, the new Suede album.”

“What does it sound like? Oh! I don’t know, probably like some artist on some drug, engaged in a game of quoits with some other artist on another drug, you can adopt your own journalistic cliche if you haven’t grown up yet.”

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