Paul Weller reacting to ‘tame’ music with ‘Sonik Kicks’

paulweller3Paul Weller has described his latest solo album ‘Sonik Kicks‘ as ‘cutting edge’ and his own reaction to what he considers to be ‘tame’ modern music.

“I think the new record is really cutting-edge, really modern, and I don’t think there is anything around that sounds like it, regardless of age or status or whatever,” he told Billboard.

“I find a lot of music really tame. This is my reaction against that. I’m trying to stir up something, I suppose, in my mind, and just get people excited about music again. I want to blow people’s minds.”

‘Sonik Kicks’ went straight in at number one on the UK Album Chart yesterday (March 25th), continuing a period of huge success for Weller, who also enjoyed a Mercury Music Prize nomination in 2010 for ‘Sonik Kicks’ predecessor ‘Wake Up The Nation‘, while 2008’s ‘22 Dreams‘ was also a UK chart topper.

Weller is due to headline this year’s Latitude festival along side Elbow and Bon Iver.

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