Kaiser Chiefs: British music needs ‘a new Oasis’


Kaiser Chiefs guitarist Andrew White has said British guitar music needs a ‘new Oasis‘ or a ‘new Smiths‘ to boost an ongoing trend in declining sales.

“There’s a lot of rubbish out there but at least record labels used to be able to sieve that out,” White told the Gainsborough Standard. “There hasn’t been that ‘new Oasis’ or ‘new The Smiths’ yet and I really want one to come out and rejuvenate British guitar music again.”

Later, White also admitted the band ‘still crave’ mainstream success after seeing their fortunes suffer along with many other guitar bands over recent years. Since reaching the peak of their success in 2008 when they headlined the Elland Road stadium in their home city of Leeds, Kaiser Chiefs have struggled to reach the same levels with their last two albums.

“We’ve been there and we’ve done it,” he continued. “We’ve played stadiums, we’ve had Number Ones, we’ve won awards – but we still crave it. A bit of you says, ‘Just enjoy it now and go with the flow’ but the other part of you says ‘I want to get back in there and be current’.”

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