Dave Grohl lauds The Beatles’ influence on Nirvana

Dave Grohl performs with Foo Fighters (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Dave Grohl (Photo: Live4ever Media)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has praised the influence of The Beatles on his former band Nirvana.

It’s been long known the classic structures and melodies at the heart of Nirvana’s songwriting were borne out of a mutual love for The Beatles and other legendary Sixties groups, and now Grohl has spoken further of the impact these bands had over himself and Kurt Cobain.

“When I was young, that’s how I learned how to play music – I had a guitar and a Beatles songbook,” Grohl told Access Hollywood. “I would listen to the records and play along. Of course, it didn’t sound like The Beatles, but it got me to understand song structure and melody and harmony and arrangement.”

“I never had a teacher, I just had these Beatles records. Even in Nirvana The Beatles were such a huge influence. Kurt loved The Beatles because it was just so simple. Well, it seemed simple, they sound easy to play, but you know what? They’re hard.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters dominated the Rock categories at last Sunday’s Grammy Awards, taking home five prizes in total including Best Rock Album for ‘Wasting Light‘.

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