Title Of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Queen Biopic Revealed


The title of the forthcoming Queen biopic which is to star Sacha Baron Cohen in the lead role of Freddie Mercury is likely to be titled after the late singer, the film’s producer has confirmed.

Graham King has told Digital Spy the working title of the biopic is simply Mercury, and has said it is proving to be a challenge to fit in the many stories which were borne out of the Queen frontman’s often hedonistic lifestyle.

“I can tell you the working title is Mercury. Whether that ends up being the title of the movie we’re not sure yet,” King said. “He led such a big life and there’s just so much to tell. Then you’ve got all this fantastic music. You’ve got to fit that in. It’s not an easy one to put together but I’m pretty confident we’ll be shooting that next year.”

The film’s conclusion is thought to be based around Queen’s legendary appearance at the 1985 Live Aid concert – a gig which is credited in re-igniting the band’s popularity at the time, leading to their own headline show at Wembley a year later.

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