‘REM Never Made a Classic Album’, Michael Stipe Claims

rem2Ex-REM frontman Michael Stipe has claimed his former band never released a classic album in their three-decade long career.

Various LPs from the influential group, such as 1983 debut ‘Murmur‘, 1987’s ‘Document‘ and 1991’s ‘Out Of Time‘ are considered by many to be modern greats, while 1992 release ‘Automatic For The People‘ was one of the most commercially successful records of the Nineties.

However, when speaking to Shortlist, Stipe has said while the aim to record a great album was one of their earliest dreams, he believes it was an aim the group were still ultimately trying to realise with their final album ‘Collapse Into Now‘.

“We’re a band with no goals and yet one of our ridiculous teenage dreams was to write and record one of the greatest albums of all time,” he said. “And I don’t think we did it, but Collapse Into Now was us giving it a final push.”

While when further pressed on the classic status often afforded to ‘Automatic For The People, Stipe added: “Well it’s not for me to say. People have their favourite records.”

Following their split, REM released the career retrospective ‘Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1982 – 2011‘ this week.

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