Paul Weller: ‘Reunions Drive Me Potty, And Are Harming New Music’


Paul Weller has said the current trend for band reunions is ‘driving him potty’, and believes it is damaging the prospects of new bands.

Last month, The Stone Roses became perhaps the most high profile, and most surprising, example of a band reuniting, following previous reformations by the likes of Suede, Blur and Pulp over recent years.

“Money talks, doesn’t it? Simple as that,” Weller told Shortlist. “Hopefully I’ll never be that skint. I mean, I don’t know the Roses that well, apart from Mani who’s a good mate.”

“There’ll be a financial consideration, obviously, but I know from Mani’s point of view that he’s been mad to do it for years. He’s actually really wanted to get back with his mates and he loved that band.”

With The Roses now back together, The Smiths and Weller’s own former band The Jam now remain two of the more wished-for groups to bury the hatchet and relive the old times. But Weller has reiterated his conviction that nether he, nor The Jam as the original trio, will become a part of the nostalgic gravy train.

“We live in that age, though, don’t we? It’s either bands reforming, bands playing their classic album or tribute bands,” he continued. “I’m going to go out and play a classic album next year, but it’ll be my new one. Not one from 20 years ago.”

The seemingly insatiable desire amongst music fans at the moment for classic bands is perhaps linked to the perceived lack of life-affirming new acts, though Weller has said those emerging bands are in fact being harmed by headline-grabbing reformations.

“It drives me potty,” Weller said. “It’s a strange time. In some ways it makes me want to go away for a while and come back when people have got a bit of sense back.”

“I also think it doesn’t help new bands. Don’t get me wrong – there aren’t a lot of great new bands, and there’s a lot of **** about. But it hurts new bands because nobody’s looking out for anything new. It’s just tried-and-tested old music, and it’s weird to me. I think it’s a phase.”

Paul Weller released the single ‘Starlite‘ back in August, and is expected to follow up the Mercury-nominated ‘Wake Up The Nation‘ next year.

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