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Manchester’s The Tapestry are a band that grabs you on first listen, possessing things we all love about indie music; whether it’s the melodies or the choruses, The Tapestry do their stuff in their own edgy but charming way. At such an early stage they are confidently writing hugely popular songs, no more apparent than on new single ‘Take Turns‘. Here frontman and guitarist Liam tells the Live4ever Ezine of the story so far…

Are you all happy with new single ‘Take Turns’?

We are over the moon with it. We all have worked really hard on it, with the writing, recording and saving up money from gigs to record it in a top studio. The progression from our demo to our first self release single, ‘Rode Your Luck’, to this single within a year makes us quite proud.

It’s an instantly likable tune and I love your choruses, with the backing vocals etc. What’s been the biggest influence in terms of sound on you and the band?

It’s a difficult one really. We never think we want to sound like a certain band, our manifesto at the start was to write simple pop songs with great melody. Intertwined with that, we like to put interesting things into the songs, whether it be group vocals, different dynamics or interesting drum patterns etc. The aim is to write great alternative songs, so in that respect we always look to bands such as The Clash, The Smiths, Pixies…the list could go on.

I’ve seen a few clips of the band in the studio recording, are you all pretty comfortable in the studio?

Yeah, we could live in there. Producer Marc Joy had heard our demo ‘My Phoney War’ and rang me to ask if we fancied going to Aerial Studios in North Wales to record a couple of tracks. This was the first time we have ever been in a studio and we took it pretty well. We were professional and worked hard.  With this single we went back to Aerial and have struck up a great relationship with the producer and experimented with a few things and batted ideas back and forth. Being away from the world in a nuclear bunker studio in the middle of nowhere working on our music was completely comfortable  and natural for us.

The first time I got the chance to see you was in Blackburn a few weeks back – great show. What makes a good gig for you and the band?

Thanks mate. A good show for us is for everyone enjoying it, and having a good time. We have had some great away days in differnt cities. Our gigs are just a small part of the best nights out you will have. We have a growing, loyal following who make a massive effort for us. Then again with the Doherty gig it was great to play to people who have never heard us and take to us so well. The diehard Pete fans at the front were there for him only and seeing them enjoy it and winning them round by the end of the set felt like an achievement.

Would you say it’s a good time to be a young up coming band from Manchester?

I think it’s difficult being in an up and coming band from anywhere really. There is a lot of hard work involved, and getting attention is no easy feat. Especially in Manchester, there is a lot of pretensiousness and I feel we don’t have the recognition we deserve because we don’t conform to certain sounds that are kitsch right now. There is a lack of honest promoters and good nights, which is a shame given the city’s musical heritage. However, there are some positives; meeting some good people who are getting involved, whether it be our fans who make a big effort for us, or to working with brilliant, creative minds such as legendary photographer Ian Tilton, Mike Hartley who designs our artwork and Chris Wrench who has made our videos. The ‘Take Turns’ video and single sleeve are beautiful works of art by themselves, and to work with talented people such as these is exciting.

In the short time you’ve been together you’ve achieved some great reviews and comments in and around Manchester. What’s the next level for the band to reach?

Definitely some other shows in the UK, London definitely. Some more support slots with big artists would be nice also and be a great introduction for people to hear our music. To have the chance to work on the music full time and do it for a living would be a dream come true. However, we have no delusions of grandeur, we will keep working hard, and enjoy writing, playing music and having a good time along the way whatever happens in the future.

Where are we right now then Liam, in terms of British music and new bands. What do you like?

I like to hear new music and listen to a lot of bands, but nothing really excites me to be honest.  Everything seems disposable. Us, on the other hand are a band to believe in!

…and finally, if you and the band had to all take part in a Come Dine With Me episode with each other, who would win and why?

It would be guitarist Dyna because his girlfriend and fifth band member Sophie looks after us all and is a great cook.

(Carl Stanley)



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