Review: Little Vegas Lies – ‘All You Need’


Parent EP 'A Truth Not Far Away'

The latest release from Little Vegas Lies‘ wonderfully titled EP ‘A Truth Not Far Away’, ‘All You Need’ boasts a guitar riff as purely hallucinogenic and dreamy as anything to be found in the back catalogue of Arthur Lee or Slowdive.

Accompanied by its video – footage of Evil Knievel making one of his seventy-some, ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps and then racing toward a dusty horizon – the lads making not so much as a cameo – this single is the kind that blooms in the brain, nags at you, persists until your mumbled, wordless hums become verbatim reconstructs of Simon Moore’s broody lyrics.

But the real star of this song is not the lyrics, or even Moore’s voice, which is unequivocally Liam Gallagher meets Mark Gardener (of early 90s shoegaze supremos Ride), but the lead guitar’s sugary, string-bending effect. It serves to carry along the song’s chorus of ‘it’s all you need’ towards some fine, jazz-like solowork.

So it is that the song fuses elements of psychedelia, Britpop and even North American jazz. Already gaining a reputation as a hard-working upcoming band, this Dewsbury quintet have recently enjoyed airplay on the BBC, and on the strength of this EP, will be playing to bigger crowds in the very near future.

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(Ronnie McCluskey)

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