New Public Image Ltd. Songs Lost In Fire At John Lydon’s House

johnlydonPublic Image Ltd. mainman John Lydon has revealed a fire at his London residence has destroyed new songs intended for the band, reports the BBC.

In response to the lost tracks, Lydon simply said: “Welcome to Rotten World.”

Lydon was speaking at the recent Mojo Awards, and explained how the news that his wife had escaped the blaze unharmed was the “best news I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

“I was in Italy,” Lydon continued. “My wife rang me up just before we were going on stage. She said ‘Oh John, I don’t want to disturb you. The house has burnt down.’ I hadn’t been in the house for two years. First time I tried to get clean the house goes up in flames.”

Lydon has been discussing the possibility of a new PiL record since the band’s recent reunion, and has also claimed money garnered from his notorious butter adverts are funding the group’s future.

The fire has apparently been blamed on a faulty spin dryer, and occurred two weeks ago.

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