Morrissey Criticises Lack Of Social Awareness In Current Bands

morrissey2Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has bemoaned the lack of social commentary in today’s music, claiming modern bands lack social awareness.

“Although everything has opened up, music seems to suddenly be stifled,” he told Billboard. “There are no songs anywhere about social awareness. 1971 suddenly seems quite radical by comparison. But you can’t complain too much because you begin to sound like a cloistered nun.”

With Morrissey currently without a label despite having a record ready for release, the subject of the now often flounted tag ‘indie’ was also raised, with the solo star defending his own independent credentials, while admitting the term in its truest sense is now virtually redundant.

“I am independent by nature,” he said. “I am an independent artist even when I am on a major label. “The word ‘indie’ is meaningless now. It’s so overused that people think it simply means green hair.”

In other news, Morrissey’s long-awaited autobiography is said to be ready to hit the shelves in time for the Christmas market at the end of next year.

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