Michael Eavis Puts Glastonbury’s Future In Doubt

michaeleavisGlastonbury organiser Michael Eavis has said the festival may only have ‘three or four years’ left as the event prepares to take a break in 2012.

In an interview with The Times, Eavis outlined his belief that music fans are growing tired of festivals, despite the huge volume of events which are currently staged during the UK summer, and also revealed how the well-publicised problems which surrounded the 2008 edition of Glastonbury almost led to bankruptcy.

“Partly it’s economics, but there is a feeling that that people have seen it all before,” Eavis said. “We’ve probably got another three or four years. Womad and Latitude are not selling out. We sell out only because we get huge headliners. In the year Jay-Z played we nearly went bankrupt.”

Despite the break next year, Eavis has said the festival already has its three main headliners lined up for 2013. “I know who they all are, but not going to go into details about that,” he teased recently.

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