Biffy Clyro Have 20 ‘Awesome’ Songs Ready For New Album

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil performs at the CMJ (Photo: Live4ever)

Simon Neil, Biffy Clyro (Photo: Live4ever)

Biffy Clyro have revealed they have 20 tracks ready to work on when they hit the studio after completing touring commitments, and have described the new batch as ‘absolutely awesome’.

Speaking at last night’s Kerrang! Awards, where they picked up the Classic Songwriter gong, frontman Simon Neil said: “We’ve got about 20 songs for the next record that we’d like to lay down if we can just get over this touring lark,” with bass player James Johnson adding: “They’re sounding absolutely awesome!”

Later, Neil talked through the process of the band’s songwriting which had been recognised at last night’s ceremony.

“Everything we do scale wise before we go into the studio is just guitar bass and drums,” he said. “Then we work the songs up from there, decide what instrumentation to use when we make the record, but we know what kind of album we’re going to make, we know how it’s going to play out we know the structure of it, but it’s just a case of getting it does, so we’re chomping at the bit really.”

Biffy Clyro are due to perform at the Glastonbury festival at the end of this month, before two dates at the Milton Keynes Bowl in support of Foo Fighters.

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