Special Acoustic Tracks from The Answering Machine

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Not long after being rushed through a set at Latitude 30’s impressive North West showcase on the Saturday afternoon of this year’s SXSW, The Answering Machine made the short trip down to Live4ever HQ to join us for a very special, exclusive acoustic performance which displayed just why the Manchester four-piece have been firmly on our radar for so long.

Here’s an outtake from our review of their newest album Lifeline we presented to you in February: 

‘Lifeline‘, though…’Lifeline‘ makes you move. This is dancing music. No matter if you’re hearing it for the first or the fifteenth time, this striking little snatch of cruel precision gets your legs spiralling, your shoulders rolling and your head thumping in 4/4. Skeletal guitars and tidal “synths” bounce and flash across the aural spectrum like electrical signals between nerves…

Away from the hot, crowded streets of Austin for an hour, and underpinned with the trusty iMac, Martin, Pat, Gemma and Ben book-ended their career to date with superb run-throughs of recent single ‘Lifeline‘, and 2006 debut release ‘Oklahoma‘. Now you can share this unique set with us by downloading the ‘Oklahoma‘ mp3 below, and also checking out the video for ‘Lifeline‘, which captures a band embracing what the true spirit of the SXSW Festival is all about.

Oklahoma by The Answering Machine via Live4ever.uk.com

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