Review: Colourmusic – ‘Yes!’

ColourmusicYes 55854 zoomHave you ever sat down and wondered what a colour might sound like? Have you ever ran with the idea and started a band with the express interest of finding out? Of course you haven’t. Unless you’re a member of Colourmusic.

Formed over period of years and presently a quintet, the band’s humble origins can be traced to when founder members Ryan Hendrix and Nick Turner met whilst attending Oklahoma State University in 1998. It is footage of Oklahoma that dominates the ‘Yes!‘ music video, with opening shots of sign posts welcoming us to Vinco, Perkins, Glencoe, and the states original capital, Guthrie.

The music is rhythmic and relentless, making use of a heavily distorted two note bassline which ebbs and flows with swagger in time with the lyrics. The visuals give snapshots of daily life in Oklahoma, with the band recruiting the unsuspecting general public to punch the air and shout “yes!” in a variety of settings.

This fast pace to proceedings makes for pleasurable Big Brother style viewing, as from one moment to the next we are whisked from music store to college campus to shopping mall to capitol buildings, all the time with band members and the public punching the air victoriously. There is also an excellent break down to the song, a solo section which pays homage to the electric guitar’s invention in Oklahoma.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which colour ‘Yes!’ represents, it’s not green for “yes” or “go” like the traffic signal, but rather, red. A much more vibrant and eye catching rank for the word we would all like to hear just a little more often.

(Ben Atherton)

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