Arcade Fire Working On Follow-Up To ‘The Suburbs’

arcade fireArcade Fire frontman Win Butler has revealed the band are planning to record new material shortly, as they bask in the success of further acclaim for third album ‘The Suburbs‘.

Speaking to XFM after the band picked up the International Group and International Album prizes at last night’s Brit Awards, Butler explained how the group will find time to work on fresh tracks in between their touring commitments.

“We’re going to write for about a month, a month and a half and then we’re going to play – we’ll be back in Europe in the summer,” he said.

With ‘The Suburbs‘, Arcade Fire continued their run of critical acclaim which began with their now-classic debut ‘Funeral‘, but have gone on to achieve a level of mainstream success which had eluded them in the past.

“For us it’s something that is really exciting, when younger kids get into the band because that’s the time when we are most open and music can be so powerful and affective, it’s definitely a very humbling thing,” said Butler on their new found fame.

Arcade Fire will return to the UK for their biggest headline show to date when they headline London’s Hyde Park in June.

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