Pete Doherty Could Work With Carl Barat On New Babyshambles Album


Pete Doherty has revealed his recent reconciliation with Libertines bandmate Carl Barat could lead to the pair working together on his new Babyshambles album.

Doherty and Barat’s songwriting partnership proved to be one of the most fruitful of recent years during their time together in The Libertines, but was brought to an abrupt end after the band began to implode due to Doherty’s much-publicised drug problems.

Following his departure from The Libertines, Doherty formed Babyshambles in 2003 and has since released two studio albums. Now, he has said he is considering asking Barat if he would be interested in rekindling their old dynamics in order to finish ideas he has for the new Babyshambles album.

“There’s a couple of songs at the moment that have been stuck on the treadmill for a while that I need to get finished,” he told Vogue Italia. “Two or three songs that are really strong that I’ve been writing with Mik.

I just feel that when they’re finished it will be a new chapter, but they’re really struggling to get out at the moment. I might even have to show them to Carl, because in the old days that’s what we’d do. If I had a great idea I’d share it with Carl and inevitably something great would happen.”

Following their successful reunion shows at this summer’s Reading/Leeds festival, Carl Barat has recently predicted further live shows for The Libertines in the near future.

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