Ozzy Osbourne Has ‘The Best Rock Star House In Hollywood’

ozzy_osbourneThere’s plenty of competition amongst the rich glitterati who call the Hollywood Hills their home, but according to Greg Olliver, co-director of the upcoming documentary film Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne has the grandest home of any rock star currently residing in Los Angeles.

Ozzy Osbourne was one of a number of rockers interviewed by Olliver while recording the new film which will document the life of the Motorhead‘s legendary frontman Lemmy, and the director told BANG Showbiz there is ‘no doubt’ Ozzy has the best house of those he met.

“Ozzy had the nicest house, no doubt about it,” he said. “He had the red phantom parked out front, Sharon had just come home in a stretched limo from shopping and there were bags and piles of new clothes and shoes all over the foyer, with a marble table.

We were then led down to Ozzy’s recording studio, which is at the bottom of the house, and it had the most beautiful wood for the stairs, and at the bottom, there’s these two black leather doors with black crosses sewn in. You could just tell, some people find a way to do it right in the world of music.”

Olliver when on to describe the make-up of Lemmy’s apartment, which was in stark contrast to Ozzy’s lavish decor. “Lemmy’s apartment is kind of like the exact opposite of Ozzy’s,” he continued. “It’s like a cave. Like Nosferatu’s coffin. He lives in a one bedroom apartment, that he’s been in so long, like 15 years, that there’s half the square footage now, because he’s filled it with so much stuff – piles of books, magazines, war relics, guitars, t-shirts, road cases, amps, boots everywhere.”

Lemmy is due for release in the UK on December 3rd and will be available on DVD from January 24th next year.

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