Eric Clapton Is The UK’s ‘Number One Guitar Hero’


Eric Clapton has been named as the number one Guitar Hero amongst musicians in the UK, according to a new survey undertaken by the musical insurer Allianz Musical Insurance at this week’s Guitar Nation Live.

Guitarists who visited the Allianz stand during Guitar Nation Live were invited to name the musicians whom they feel have had the biggest influence on their lives. Jimi Hendrix closely followed Clapton in second place, while Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page came third. Jeff Beck and rock n roll pioneer Chuck Berry completed the top five.

Commenting on his company’s new list, Robin Stagg, Allianz Musical Insurance’s Claims Manager said: “It’s great to see that the UK still has a strong rock star tradition. At Allianz we want to make sure that guitarists can keep living like their guitar heroes by protecting their instrument should it be damaged, lost or stolen.”

Visitors were also asked to vote for the guitar they would most like to own, and again placed Clapton at the top, with his ‘Blackie’ Statocaster being the most wished for item. Jimmy Page also placed in both lists, having his famous Double neck Gibson coming in at number two. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Number one strat, Les Paul‘s original Les Paul, and Brian May‘s homemade Red Special were also mentioned in the top five.

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